Award for the IWANN best paper of young research, funded by the GENIL  project associated to the Campus of International Excellence BioTIC Granada.


“Granada Excellence Network of Innovation Laboratories” (GENIL) is a Spanish project which was approved in the first edition of the Campus Program of International Excellence, in the R&D and Transfer subprogram, announced by the Order PRE/1996/2009 and published in the Spanish Official Gazette of 20-17-2009 (BOE).


This project intends to design and develop a new academic and scientific environment for teaching, research and innovation in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), Mathematics and Computational Physics (GENIL Campus).

BioTIC Granada        GENIL Campus

The award covers travel expenses between national origin and Granada as well as 1,500 euros for collaborating during one month with a research group participating in the GENIL project chosen by the winner:


If the prize was awarded to a person at the University of Granada, it will finance the stay of the awarded at a center outside of this university, under similar conditions.


The winner must be under 35 years of age and the first author of the communication. The jury will specially take into account the score given by the Program Committee during the peer review process for the selection of IWANN papers.


The diploma of the prize will be awarded during the gala dinner of IWANN 2011 (June 9).



  • President: Francisco Sandoval, Honorary Chair of the IWANN2011
  • Secretary: Miguel Atencia, Technical co-Chair of IWANN2011
  • Vocals:
    • José Luis Verdegay, Programme Manager Genil Granada University,
    • Alberto Prieto, Honorary Chair of the IWANN2011,
    • Joan Cabestany, Chair of the IWANN2011,
    • Ignacio Rojas, Chair of the IWANN2011, and
    • Gonzalo Joya, Chair of the IWANN2011


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