• Instructions for the authors presenting an oral contribution:

    Sessions for oral presentations will be scheduled with a number of papers that will permit to dedicate around 15 minutes to the oral presentation of your work. Please, you will be kindly required to accept the indications of the session chairman concerning time limitations. Usually, some time for 2 or 3 questions will be allowed at the end of each presentation.
    We will assigne a “Room manager” for each room. These people will be the responsible for the presentation and multimedia facilities. Please, you must contact them before your own session in order to correctly prepare and install your slides in the computers.
    Available presentation facilities: computer, presentation gun, and microphone. Don't hesitate to contact the Organization for special requirements.

    Instructions for the authors presenting a poster:

    Posters must be displayed during the whole duration of the conference on the assigned panels (your poster will be allocated on a specific panel). The main idea is to use the Coffee Breaks as time for discussion. You will be specially required to be present during the specific day indicated in the scientific program. Optionally, you could also be present during the rest of sessions.
    The poster panel size will be specified later. The Organization will provide you some facilities for fixing your material (scotch, nails, …).


    Size and layout of posters


    Posters can occupy a maximum surface of 117 cm (height) x 87 cm (width). It is recommended to use large fonts and drawings to make the poster readable at a distance of about 80 cm. Do not use a photocopy of your paper...


    Posters will be fixed on the panels with pins (pins will be provided). Please avoid the use of one heavy poster of the full size of the board, which may be difficult to fix with pins; posters on paper are easier to carry to the conference, and easier to fix to the boards, than plastic coated ones! Posters printed on a set of (preferably A3) sheets may be used too.


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