Puerto de la Cruz


Situated on the northern coast of the island, at the feet of El Teide, Puerto de la Cruz offers its visitors a cosmopolitan town which, after a century of tourism experience, today retains all the flavour of a conurbation open to the sea and to every cultural background. Declared of Tourist Interest in 1955, Puerto de la Cruz brings together in attractive harmony both the traditional architecture of the island and the modernity of first-class hotels.


It is also the home to the extensive and exquisite design of leisure parks and the charming colour of the most typical and picturesque corners of the small fishing village that it once was.


The streets of Puerto de la Cruz are constantly bustling with activity, with a leisurely atmosphere that beckons relaxation and rest; suggests visits and contemplation of its most traditional buildings; and invites the onlookers´ involvement in the festivities and local religious celebrations...


To enjoy the sea, this northern municipality has much to offer: coves of volcanic sand, the saltwater swimming pool complexes of Lago Martiánez, Playa Jardín and Punta Brava. Costa Martiánez, the work of the genius César Manrique, is a place where design and nature blend to create an area of particular beauty. There is also the botanical gardens, with species of plants from all five continents or Loro Parque, all of which will deserve the visitors´ praise.




Five is a magic number for the Island of Tenerife. Because five million people come here every year making it the leading destination in the Canary Islands. And because your five senses are not enough to appreciate everything it has.


What is more, Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and the only one to have two international airports, which mean that it is no more than between two and four hours flying time from the Spanish mainland and the rest of Europe.


Tenerife has the most authentic carnival; it has the highest peak in Spain – the breathtaking Mount Teide, of 3,718 metres (12,200 ft)-; and the annual average temperature is 22 degrees. That is why, December and August are closer here than anywhere else.