Virtual Presentation


  • Gholam Ali Montazer, Davar Giveki and Mohammad Ali Soltanshahi: Scene Classification Using Local Binary Pattern and Improved Bag of Visual Words

  • Gholam Ali Montazer, Mohammad Ali Soltanshahi and Davar Giveki: Extended Bag Of Visual Words for Face Detection

  • Ruben Arujo, Meuser Valenca and Sergio Fernandes: A new approach of fuzzy neural networks in monthly forecast of water flow

  • Rama Murthy Garimella and Moncef Gabbouj: Existence and Synthesis of Hopfield Type Associative Memories

  • Jose Santos, Cesar Mattos and Guilherme Barreto: Performance Evaluation of Least Squares SVR in Robust Dynamical System Identication Problems

  • Sidolina P. Santos, Juan A. Gomez-Pulido and Florentino Sanchez-Bajo: Deconvolution of X-ray Diffraction Profiles Using Genetic Algorithms and Differential Evolution

  • Hamid Ahangarbahan and Gholam Ali Montazer: A Mixed Fuzzy Similarity Approach to Detect Plagiarism in Persian Texts

  • Mohamed Elleuch, Heni Kaaniche and Mohamed Ayadi: Exploiting Neuro-Fuzzy System for Mobility Prediction in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks

  • Hirofumi Miyajima, Noritaka Shigei and Hiromi Miyajima: SIRMs Fuzzy Inference Model with Linear Transformation of Input Variables and Universal Approximation

  • Jose Miguel Morales, Leandro Luigi Di Stasi, Carolina Diaz-Piedra, Christian Morillas and Samuel Romero: Real-time monitoring of biomedical signals to improve road safety

  • Joao Cunha and Alexandre Aguiar: Estimating Artificial Neural Networks with Generalized Method Moments

  • Danilo Silva Avilar and Ajalmar Rego da Rocha Neto: The Genetic Algorithms-based LSSVM Classifier for Fixed-Size Set of Support Vectors